7th Asian Herbal and Traditional Medicine Summit to be held in Tokyo

Herbal medicines, have always been an integral part of our culture. The roots of which can be traced back to thousands of years. The medical field has evolved in a drastic manner over the years. In a way the foundation of which could be the herbal medicines as medicinal plants are a significant source for the pharmaceutical industry. We have always used herbs, exploring through trial and error since evolution of mankind. Countries like China manufacture herbal medicines, Some European countries also practice the use of herbal medicines through constant research. As per the research in this field, basic herbs have no such known side effects as they are in tandem with nature. This is a positive side of the herbal medicines field.

The 7th Asian Herbal and Traditional Medicine Summit which will be held at Tokyo, Japan on April 20-21. This summit is a joint effort by major research scholars and scientists to share their research on this common platform. Such experts coming together can assure positive outcomes through discussions on relevant innovations and ongoing trends. The theme of this summit is “Exploring the possibilities of herbal and natural products”.

The purpose of organizing this event is to gain knowledge about the latest studies and research in the field, give information and conduct practical demonstrations. Members from all over the globe, participants in the form of researchers and medical experts and such other people will be sharing their knowledge through discussions and seminars. This summit looks forward to the attendance of Botanists, Pharmaceutical practitioners, industrialists, Ayurveda physicians, Naturopathic physicians, herbalists, students, Acupuncturists, traditional medicine practitioners. This event is divided into sessions on the subjects of Siddha, herbal, traditional, Ayurveda, Chinese and Oriental medicine, Homeopathy in medical treatment, Japanese medicine (Kampo) and various other sessions on relevant traditional and herbal medicines.