‘Joe Biden’ were defended by Ben Shapiro

Joe Biden’s comment ‘This is America, and not Canada’ supported by Ben Shapiro

At the debate on Thursday night, health care comments of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate ‘Joe Biden’ were defended by Ben Shapiro who is a Conservative political commentator.
On The Ben Shapiro Show Shapiro stated that the healthcare system of the United States amongst the finest in the world as he defended the ex-vice president’s highly scoffed rebuke to Bernie Sanders’ comparison of the healthcare system of Canada and the United States.
It was argued by Sanders at the debate that in the United States people spend nearly twice as much as the Canadians, to which Biden replied swiftly, “This is America.” Shapiro agreed with the touting of Biden of the health care system of the United States and stated that the life expectancy data will be way higher if suicides, car accidents, as well as, homicides were eliminated as ’confounding factors.’
In the U.S., money is being spent twice as much per capita on healthcare as being spent by the Canadians or any other world’s major country, Sanders stated.
Biden shot back with his comment ‘This is America’, later provoking late-night comedians, as well as, left-wing political commentators to criticize what they regarded as absurd flag-waving posturing.
The Daily Wire website’s conservative founder, Shapiro, stated that Biden was right in his rebuke of Sanders’ drive for Medicare-for-all and a relatively less costly health care system of the United States.
He said that When Biden says ‘This is America,’ and not Canada, he is right.’ People on the left are passing laughter, however when he states that he’s not wrong.
Shapiro further supported Biden by making the claim that if suicides, car accidents, and murders were excluded from the statistics then the United States would be amongst the world’s top life expectancy averages.