11 Deaths and 150 plus cases: High time that U.S takes action against Covid 19

On Wednesday 4 March, The United States confirmed its 11th death from corona virus and the number of cases infected has gone up to more than 150. Health experts have already stated that thousands of Americans may test positive to the virus. These claims may come true as California is already under state of emergency, similar to Asian countries and Middle East.

China tops in the number of deaths and confirmed cases in the list of Covid 19 affected countries with 3012 deaths and 80,409 confirmed cases, followed by South Korea and Iran.

The news of America under threat was denied by President Donald Trump as he stated that the figures given by World Health Organisation (WHO) are false. Corona virus is not only creating havoc by affecting one’s health but also denting the economy as the amount of losses incurred by numerous countries and business are insane.

Even though financial markets had recovered moderate amount of losses previous week, the danger stays ahead as majority of events getting cancelled will leave a negative impact on the economy. China President Xi Jinping has cancelled his Japan tour so that both the countries tackle corona.

Previously President Trump’s meeting with Pharma Giants was in the news, as he urged all the major companies to come up with Vaccinations that will help everyone get rid of corona virus. Companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer had already stated that they are working towards achieving the solution to this global epidemic.